Friday, October 26, 2012

Windows Update errors on fresh install. Internet Explorer?

After running Ubuntu for sometime now I have decided to get back into Windows. So I went out and snagged a copy of Windows 7. After install I setup Google Chrome and attempt to update Windows. I start running into errors 80070057 and 8007003 over and over. Trying Microsoft suggestions to no avail. When I come across This Link. I was very skeptical that Internet Explorer not being default browser to be the issue. After trying a few other suggestions I decided I had nothing to lose. That or try a fresh install again. So I open Internet Explorer and set as default browser. Then attempted Windows Update again. Things were going much better most updates were install but still an error. It happens,perhaps one update relies on the other, so I reboot and attempt updates again for the few left. Now I am completely up to date with Windows 7 updates.

So if your having issues with Windows Updates especially on fresh install. Try setting Internet Explorer to default browser. It worked for me.